June 3, 2007

Final Exam: Pre-discussion

1. Should government be responsible for keeping consumers safe?
In my opinion, I believe that government should responsible for keeping consumers safe. Nowadays, some companies provide unqualified or unhealthy products in order to earn money. However, consumers sometimes cannot recognize unqualified produces. Moreover, some consumers are allured by certain kind of unhealthy produces, such as cigarette and fast food. Under such circumstance, government should be responsible for consumers in terms of keeping them safe. They should examine all the products before these products are sold in the market. For those unhealthy produces, government should control it.

5. Should individuals be free to choose risky behavior if they want to? Explain.
It is not easy to answer this question. In my opinion, I think whether individuals have freedom to choose risky behavior is depend on different situations. For children and teenagers, I believe that there is no freedom for them to choose risky behavior. They are not able to make this kind of decision without parents. For adults, it is even more complex. On the one hand, some kind of risky behaviors do not influence other people, such as camping, bungee jumping, and smoking. In these cases, individuals can choose what they want. On the other hand, some kind of risky behaviors are impact on others. For instance, if someone uses heroin or other kind of drugs, it is very likely for them to commit a crime. So, individuals cannot choose those kinds of risky behaviors even they want to.

May 31, 2007

research project----presentation

1. I really enjoyed the presentations. All the presentations were interesting. Everyone had their own style and did a good job. i believe all of us learn a lot from each presentation.
2. In fact I learned a lot about presentation techniques. One of the most important thing is the tone of voice. It is really important to present clearly and laudly. Moreover, contacting with audience is also necessary. If you look at the audience when you are presenting, audience are more interested in your presentation and more concentrate on it.
3. Doing a presentation with PowerPoint makes the presentation more interesting and clearer. However, it really costs a lot of time to do the PowerPoint. When I prepared my presentation, I just put the times and difficult companies’ name, etc on the PowerPoint. Otherwise I would not have enough time to practice the presentation.
4. Generally, I was satisfied with my presentation. The audience was interested with my topic and they asked different questions. Although some questions were difficult to answer, Lili helped me to explain. On the other hand, because I feel nerves while presenting, I read from the note sometimes.

Research project----writing

1. My writing skill improves by doing this research project. In fact, it was my first time to write a research paper. At the beginning, I didn’t know how to right this kind of paper. I used a few days to think my introduction and the first main idea. However, when I finally finished the first main idea, things became easier. I can write quickly. I think that’s because my writing skill was improving during the writing. Now, I can write quickly and feel more confident.
2. By writing research paper, I improve some skill. I learn how to collect information in library and database. In the past, I always go to google to collect information. Now, I can use library and database to find out academic information. It is more convenient. I also learn how to separate all the information and put them into different main ideas. It is very important because the information from different articles is mixed. Furthermore, I also improve the skill of paraphrasing. At the beginning of writing, I always confused with paraphrasing. Sometimes the sentence in the article was already very simple. So I didn’t know how to paraphrase it. I just quoted the sentence. However, When Lili read my first draft, she taught me how to paraphrase this kind of sentence. After that, paraphrasing becomes easier.
3. Of course, my research paper is not perfect. But, I already tried my best to write it. I think in my paper, I should point out that my research paper based on US. I didn’t notice that. Moreover, I gave a lot of general information and also background. Although it was not the most important idea in my paper, if I didn’t write that information, maybe other people would confuse with some main arguments. Generally, I think my research is OK.

May 27, 2007

improving academic performance----study habit

In September, I will start my first semester in Concordia University. This article is very useful for me, it teaches me how to improve the academic performance.
In order to study easily and effectively, developing study habit is very important. A lot of students study in university but they cannot get good academic performance. Why? One reason is that they don’t arrange their studying. Since I took an independent course in Concordia, I have realized the importance of studying schedule. At the beginning of the course, I really had the ambition to preview and review for each section. However, it only happened for the first section. I always made excuses to escape studying. Until the first middle term exam came. I had trouble. I had no choice but reviewed the book and all the notes in one week. I was lucky because I only chose one course at that time. I still had time to prepare the exam. Imagine if I had taken 4 courses, what would happen for me. After that warning, I forced myself to make a schedule and studied follow that schedule. It really worked. During the final time, I only need to do some model tests. Finally, I got good mark in that course. On the contrary, one of my friends studied all night in library before his economic exam. However, he told me that he didn’t do it very well.
It is truth that when you have a schedule, it is still hard to follow it. Rewarding yourself a little payoff is necessary. For instance, you can get the favorite food or hanging out with friends after you finish studying. I believe this method can encourage your motivation.

May 16, 2007


Last Tuesday, I went to a public lecture. The lecture talked about palliative care. Actually, it was my first time to go to an English public lecture. I really enjoyed the whole process. From this lecture, I gain some information about palliative care. Moreover, the most important thing is that I learn how to do a good presentation. First of all, eye connect is very important. Comparing the 3 speakers in the lecture, when the first speaker was reading her notes, I realized that she was not prepared very well. However, when Dr. Borasio was presenting his lecture, I could feel that he was confident and prepared very well. The second factor I learned from this lecture is that explaining take a very important role during a presentation. During the lecture, Dr. Borasio didn’t explain more about the disease. Therefore, it was very hard for me to understand certain parts. Generally, it was really a good experience for me. In the future, I hope I can do my presentation very well.

May 8, 2007


Population problem is a serious problem in the world. In some countries, especially in some developing countries, population grows very fast. For these countries, it is very necessary to have family plan. Take China as an example. China has one child police, and it works quite well. Now, the population growth slows down in China. On the contrary, many developed countries’ birth rate is decrease. Nowadays, in order to have a better quality of life, both women and men have to work. The consequence is women focus more on their carrier. They have children very late. Some of them even don’t want to have children. Under such circumstance, government should do something to encourage people to have children. They can offer benefits for parents who have more than one child. They also can open border for immigration.

May 6, 2007

My grandparents have 5 children (father’s side have 3, mother’s side have 2). My parents have two children, me and my twin sister. In the future, I want to have 2 children, so they can play with each other and not feel lonely.

China almost has 13 hundred million people. The big population causes some problems. Citizens don’t have enough space to live. Food is not enough in some area. Big competition makes people feel stress all the time.

Now, the world population is more than 60 hundred million.

There are lots of factors that control or regulate animal species, such as natural enemies and loss habitat. Because of the expanded population, human don’t have enough space to live. As a result, they destroy animal’s habitat and build their own place to live.

In my opinion, whether or not government control population growth depends on the population in the country. If some country don’t have population problem, government don’t need to control the population. However, if a country have serious population problem, I strongly believe that government should control it. China is a typical example. One-child policy was promulgated in 1949. If government hadn’t promulgated the policy, China would have had 15 hundred million people.